Feminism as a Political Fashion Statement

One of our most recent projects was to analyse a fashion trend, wether it be political, social or simply just a garment or accessory. I chose to go down the political route, and chose feminism and its impact on fashion and how brands are expanding their companies from more than just clothing to what people actually have interests in, in society, instead of playing it safe.

I analsyed this trend from it starting on the streets to it trickling up to luxury fashion and then trickling back down into the highstreet. I also spoke about the target audience of the trend being all women aged 16 +, of all races, sexualities and religions. The trend isn’t about only appealing to certain people, its more to show solidarity with women and is even targeted towards men in some cases.

Overall, I’m really happy with how my trend analysis came out, as we were limited to just 500 words so I had to try and display my research and thoughts visually through imagery.

Blog Branding

blog moodboard

As part of our course, we were given lessons in blogging and how to create a blog. To help us eventually achieve the blog we want, we were told to create moodboards with the different fonts, colour scheme, imagery and layout we want our blog to have.

For my blog, I wanted to keep the colour scheme quite simple with blacks, whites and also accents of dark dusty pink and purple. I also like the look of botanical accents, so eventually I want my blog design to include some floral pieces to it. In my layout I knew that I wanted to incorporate my social media in some way, including a live Instagram feed and buttons that link directly to my social media so that all of my platforms are linked together. I also want quite a simplistic, yet eye-catching layout and eventually want to add a moving section at the top of my blog with popular or most recent posts as I think this helps to make a website look a lot more professional.

For my logo, the font Gloss & Bloom really caught my eye. I love how it looks hand painted and I think it would help my logo look more personal and less formal. In my moodboard I have also featured a set of logo designs that I found on Pinterest. I think these are logos are all really simple yet still look classy and interesting and thats definitely something I strive for in my logo design.

blog logo

This is the first logo that I have came up with. Its extremely simple and features the font that I wanted to use from my moodboard. In the future, I definitely want to add more to my logo to make it more interesting, possibly some floral accents similar to these logo’s that I’ve found on Pinterest, as I absolutely love how they look and think they would work extremely well for what I want in my logo.