Mango x H&M – Styled Photoshoot


jacket: mango
dress: primark
sunglasses: H&M
model: billie godley
styling and photography: ellie preston

As part of my project to create an extended line for Zara, I wanted to carry out a styled photoshoot. The theme for my line is customisation, therefore I chose to my focus garments to be items that look like they could have been from my line. The theme was summer/festival.  This look was the second look of the day, I loved how the hearts of the sunglasses worked against the stars on the jacket. I also thought that the use of the word visionary helped to portray my line, because of its meaning.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.53.24

Androgynous Photoshoot Planning

80s androgyny

One of our latest projects is to style and source a model to conduct an androgynous style photoshoot with a local photographer, Kat Hannon. To brainstorm for this photoshoot I thought that I would focus on the 80’s era, with David Bowie, The Eurythmics, Grace Jones and Boy George being my main inspirations. I chose to focus on the 80’s as I think a lot of the fashion was very androgynous then, as well as a lot of the styles, cuts and colours coming back onto the catwalks in the latest fashion weeks. After looking at the 80’s as a whole, I chose to focus in on David Bowies style.davidbowie

I chose David Bowie as my main source of inspiration because I think his fashion choices were very versatile, androgynous and revolutionary for that era. As well as the fact that he was always reinventing himself and his style which I think is really fascinating. The fact he also wasn’t afraid to experiment with makeup was also extremely statement and different. A lot of his clothing choices were quite ‘out there’ however for a photoshoot I think I would definitely want to go with the oversized and boldly patterned style.