Marketing Mix Moodboards – Fendi

fendi1fendi2fendi 3

This was a piece of work that we got given to do based on a luxury fashion brand that we got to choose. I chose Fendi, as I didn’t already know a lot about it as it’s not one of the most popular ready-to-wear brands. We had to create mood boards based on the marketing mix of our chosen brand, using the ‘3 P’s’ to create three A3 printed mood boards.

These are the mood boards that I created for Fendi, I have used images to visualise my research and analysis of the brand. For example, what their stores look like, their advertisements and even bloggers and celebrities that wear their clothing. Through developing these mood boards, I did a lot of research into Fendi and learnt a lot about it as a brand that I didn’t already know, such as all of the information about what goes on behind a brand that you wouldn’t normally think of when you see a shop or website.

The process of creating these mood boards also helped me to learn and develop new skills of how to create a mood board on Adobe Illustrator, which is a programme I hadn’t previously used a lot before this year. I think by making my mood boards on Illustrator it makes my work look a lot more neat and put together.